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seriously, someone - take her shopping. I'm saying this as someone who shops at Costco for clothes - I'm not high end but my GOD SHS!

While there, she fell into the vintage business, and eventually in 1984 opened up her own shop called Alice Underground. Around 2003, after the Athens property became vacant, she opened up the Athens Underground store. The first four years the store was open, Stout was still living in New York. Eventually, she bought a house and started back in Athens. One of the reasons she said she wanted to move the business back to Athens instead of New York was because there was too much competition and she felt like she’d have a better chance going against some of the smaller clothing shops here in Athens. Stout said that less than 5 percent of the items for sale are actually donations. Most of the merchandise was bought and brought in by her at thrift stores, yard sales and auctions. Whatever she’d find she would buy, wash and introduce into the store. Stout said the store has changed over time. In the beginning, just clothes were sold, but over time she started reducing the amount of clothing to be able to sell antiques and other items. At a certain point, she drastically decreased the amount of antiques because other items such as albums and literature were selling so much better.

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