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The center has barns that accommodate about 60 breeding sows, 900 nursery pigs and 800 finishing pigs (those from about 50 pounds to full-grown market weight of about 280 pounds). The farm is nowhere near the size of some commercial operations, Johnston said, but it's large enough ชุดผ้าปูที่นอนลายการ์ตูน to conduct research that pork producers don't have the time, space, money or expertise to study on their own. Some studies are financed by the National Pork Board and the Minnesota Pork Producers Association, but funds also come from state and other sources. Yuzhi said there's a difference between how activists and scientists approach animal welfare concerns. For advocates, she said, animal welfare is primarily a moral value to be achieved, whereas scientists measure animals' performance, behavior and health. "We want to assess and evaluate animal welfare objectively, even though it's a value issue," she said. "We want to be sure animal welfare is safeguarded based on science and knowledge, rather than just saying that animal welfare is bad or good." Johnston said there are economic considerations as well, and sometimes a disconnect between living conditions that consumers want to see lots of space for sows and pigs and the reality of what producers can manage or afford. "If we have a farm with 3,000 sows and we go to a pen configuration with 20 percent more space, all of a sudden you're down to 2,500 sows with pretty much the same cost structure as you had before," he said. The farmer must either make less money on the smaller herd, he said, or spend more in construction costs to build helpful resources an addition to the barn.

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